SS Harvey

SS Harvey
SS Harvey

Editorial on the endless allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against the members of the elite.

This was illustrated with gouache, watercolor, pencils, ink, and charcoal. It is finished with a layer of digital value. It is always a challenge getting my colors to translate over to digital format. I always end up having to darken my illustrations because the scanning process washes everything out.

Here is some of my process.


I use masking fluid to preserve the white space for the women’s figures.

IMG_0689 (1)IMG_0696 (1)

Erase the masking fluid and start to paint the figures.

IMG_0699 (1)IMG_0698 (1)

Of course my work is not complete without a visit from a kitty. Rambo usually comes by to try to drink my painting water. I hide the water and wait for him to pass out my desk.